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March, 1998

Sadness dripped from the man's eyes as he stepped into the no longer occupied bedroom. That sadness suddenly turned to anger when he saw the hundreds of posters that covered the walls. It was all their fault! In a sudden fit of rage, he started to tear the posters from the walls and rip them into shreads. When every single poster was ripped from the walls he walked over to the CD player and picked up a CD case. Anger and hatred plagued his mind as he gazed down at the three, smiling young boys on the cover.

"Those little bastards! They'll pay for what they did to me! For what they did to her!"

He threw the case against the wall and both the CD and the case shattered into dozens of little pieces. He ran into his bedroom and started packing. When he was sure he had everything, he grabbed his bag and ran outside to his car. He tossed the bag in the backseat and started the engine. He pulled the car out of the driveway and spead off into the night.

"They'll pay! I'll make sure of it!"