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*A picture says a thousand words.*

March 25, 2001: I finished putting the links page up and I put up the guestbook. I would really like you to sign it. After Taylor's b-day only 1 person emailed me about the new short story. :(

March 14, 2001: HAPPY  18TH BIRTHDAY TAYLOR! Welcome to adulthood! How do you think he spent his b-day today? And did anyone else notice Hansonline's lack of acknowledgement for his 18th? Whoever runs that site needs to get off his/her ass and get to work. Anyway, enough of my ranting, lets get to the updates.

      * Brand new layout in honor of the b-day boy. Unlike      
         Hansonline who just ignored him! j/k! Let me know what    
         you think about the new layout.
      *New short story entitled "My Dearest Taylor" Hope you     
        like it.

I too tired to put up the guestbook and counter. They'll be up tomorrow.